L'isola di Sant'Erasmo

Sant’Erasmo is one of the most beautiful and charming Island of the Venetian Lagoon, charaterized by an agricultural tradition since the days of the ancient Serenissima Republic.

The Island is a hub between the Venice North lagoon and the Adriatic sea. Its environment has been mantained natural and wild, with a unique and suggestive landscape: the view sweeps from the cultivated fields to the sandbanks of the lagoon up to stop on the nearby islands of S. Francesco del Deserto e Burano, up to reach the roofs of the ancient palace and the bell towers of the historical center of Venice up to see the Saint Mark’s Tower.

The island is characterized by a wonderful natural flora that is typical of sandbanks and many colorated flowers including “limonium” called  also “fiore di barena”.

You can also admire charming breathtaking views and sunsets on the lagoon and the nearby islands that are framed by the tops of the mountains of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions.

The east side of Sant’Erasmo overlooks the coast of Ca’ Savio and Treporti up to reach the Adriatic sea that lapped the island up to 1966 when it happened the Great Flood that forever changed the morphology of the lagoon.

The island is crossed by numerous walking and cycling routes that are ideal for all people passionate of bike tours and Nordic walking.

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