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i&s Farm Il biologico di Sant’Erasmo is a Farm that produces prime quality vegetables and herbs organically.

Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides are banned in our vegetable garden.
Thanks to the organic method, tasting our fresh, healthy and genuine vegetable,  you have the great opportunity to rediscover the taste and flavors now lost.

The vegetable production is made in an ideal environment, in the Venetian lagoon, at the heart of Sant’Erasmo island that has known as  “The Venice vegetable garden” since the days of the Serenissima Republic, in a land overlooking the coast of Treporti and just beyond even the Adriatic Sea.

i&s Farm Il biologico di Sant’Erasmo is a Family Farm owned by Savino Cimarosto, farmer, V.A.T. 04254620273.

From 2015 the Farm is being converted to the organic agriculture controlled by ICEA Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute.