La storia

i&s Farm was born from the idea of Savino to return productive farmland incultivated for a long time, that he inheredited from  his parents.

Savino is a law graduated with a Master in Public Administration Innovation. He has also  a strong experience in European management projects.

Savino’s family has farmed the land for generations in the Venetian lagoon.

His great-grandparents were farmers in Cavallino Treporti. In 1920 his grandfather moved to Sant’Erasmo  island where his parents produced delicious vegetables and fruits up to 90’s.

These are his family roots that Savino doesn’t want to miss.

“ With my wife Ilaria – Savino said – we decided to cultivate the soil for a limited  high-quality and selected production by applying the organic method with a look to biodynamic agriculture approach. We are also experimenting new methods of fertilization by using natural elements of lagoon in order to enhance the flavor of our vegetables and to promote a strong connection between our products and the ecosystem in which they are born, develop and grow.

Savino and Ilaria attended the training courses organized  by “Scuola Esperienziale itinerante di agricoltura biologica”.
The teacher is named Luca Conte, an Agricultural Sciences graduated, agro-ecologist, with a strong specialization in organic vegetable production.
For further information:  Luca Conte – Scuola Esperienzale Itinerante di agricoltura biologica