Il terreno

i&s Farm first step date back to the fall-winter 2013  starting from the analysis of the soil.
From testing the land and digging holes here and there, the Farm immediately  understood that under the ground there wasn’t any sign of life, there was no living organisms, there was no friend organisms.

The first challenge was of transforming  a wasteland completely lifeless in a soil that could actract microorganisms, insects, earthworms that could naturally produce humus and increase the fertility.
Fortunately the soil was not to much compacted thanks to its natural characteristics.

“The first positive sign came from the organic compost, realized  by chance in an area of our soil – Savino said  -.
Here we organized our wet waste collection for months.
After some months, under the cloth, we discovered that earthworms moved undisturbed happily between woods, cellulose and plant residues.

It was the news that we expected! We could naturally return life to our soil”.